Basic capabilities of CivilFEM® Advanced:

  • Nonlinear buckling
  • Nonlinear evolutive construction process
  • Nonlinear strain-stress diagram (plasticity+ user crack data)
  • Nonlinear Reinforced concrete analysis
  • Concrete time-dependent properties
  • Concrete creep and shrinkage
  • Drucker-Prager + user crack data
  • Mohr-Coulomb-2D, 3D with variable cohesion and friction angle
  • Extended Cam-Clay (with tension)
  • Prestressed reinforced concrete in beams, shells and solids.
  • Multibody Advanced Contacts ( breaking glue, cohesion, friction, etc. )
  • Advanced Contacts
  • Large displacements
  • Plastic Analysis
  • Welding Spots
  • Concrete Cracking, steel yielding
  • Structural analysis geotechnical studies
  • Study of Settlement
  • Soil non-linear geotechnical models

















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