Finite element analysis method or analysis (FEM/FEA) is used to understand but also anticipate the behaviour of a product in reality. Whether it’s a simple part or a complex system, the MKE provides the very valuable information needed to confirm whether some part meets all the requirements that are set but also provides unlimited possibilities for optimizing each construction in terms of savings through optimal exploitation of the material.

Simulation models for analysis we are made by ourrself from your CAD models or we create CAD models for analyses purposes. Once the model is made in one of the software we use in our work (Autodesk Simulation, MSC Apex, MSC Nastran, etc.), it becomes very important for further analysis and optimization.

Some areas where we use finite element method: pressure vessels, exchangers, large diameter pipes, pressure equipment components, complex construction of supports, various machine parts, and so on.

Our team of engineers and specialists in the finite element method focuses on the transfer of technical knowledge into reliable engineering solutions through organizational commitment to continuous investing in state-of-the-art CAE technology as well as continuous training of personnel.