Hardware: Leica Scanners

DPI-7 Scanner

If you’re already using 3D laser scanning and survey control, our tools complement your current work flows by making it easy to capture shadowed or difficult to reach areas. Our PTS/PTX output formats connect directly to common industry solutions including Cyclone, Faro Scene, RealWorks Survey and others. Even better, we provide binary file integration with ReCap and AVEVA LFM. For small jobs, the DPI-7 may be all you need to capture, register and geo-reference color point clouds.

From initial walk-down through FEED to fabrication to construction validation to operations and maintenance, DotProduct’s DPI-7 provides real time feedback about data quality. You know before you leave the jobsite that you’ve captured what you need. All data processing can be done on the tablet, on the jobsite. There’s no need to send your data up to the cloud for processing. Our small file sizes allow you to communicate the results to project team members around the world in seconds.


– Realtime markerless camera tracking.

– Full 6-dof, mm-accurate indoor positioning.

– Instant colored 3d model creation.

– Realtime occlusion maps.

– Relocalization and place-recognition.

– All processing on tablet – no laptop needed.

– Cloud-optimized 3D-scan compression.