MSC Apex Structures

MSC Apex Structures is an end-to-end simulation solution that expands upon MSC Apex Modeler functionality with capabilities for linear structural analysis.

MSC Apex Structures packages a user interface for scenario definition and results post-processing, as well as integrated solver methods. This solution is unique in that it combines computational parts and assemblies technology with a generative framework, which enables interactive and incremental analysis.

The integration of the user interface with solver methods gives the user a unique ability to interactively and incrementally validate that FEM models are solver ready. At the user’s demand, a series of solver checks can be run against individual parts and assemblies and the model diagnostics are reported in the Analysis Readiness panel. This Incremental Validation is a radical departure from the very time consuming traditional approach where pre/post processor and solver are separate.

In addition, with Computational Parts and Assemblies, MSC Apex Structures is a true parts-based solution, where each part behavioral representation (Stiffness, mass, and damping) can be pre-computed and stored independently. This approach is especially efficient when combined with the MSC Apex generative framework, as the solver execution will only re-compute behavioral representations for parts that have changed since the last solver execution. We call this Incremental Solving. This new solver architecture is especially efficient in the context of trade studies.


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