CivilFEM® powered by Marc®




CivilFEM® powered by Marc® is a very powerful and versatile program suitable for all the types of advanced analyses performed in all construction sectors, providing a rich set of tools and unique capabilities that streamline the creation of analysis models for Construction, Dams, CAE, Forensic Structural Analysis, Seismic design, Soil-structure interaction, Foundations, Tunnels, Rock and soil mechanic analyses, Skyscrapers, Geotechnics, Mining, Energy, Oil&Gas, Precast, Power Plants: Nuclear, Hydraulic… or any other Civil Engineering major infrastructure.

With its intuitive user friendly interface and pre/post features, it is very easy to learn and its tools as macros, Python and programming language provide you with greater power, versatility and efficiency.

The powerful (included) Marc® from MSC® Software non-linear solver aids to solve the most demanding and complex advanced analyses.

Some CivilFEM highlights capabilities are nonlinear buckling, nonlinear staged construction process, crushing and cracking nonlinear reinforced concrete, concrete creep and shrinkage and time dependent properties, pre-stressed reinforced concrete, soil material behaviour laws, soil-structure interaction,  nonlinear advanced contacts, insert elements, advanced seismic, heat transfer and coupled thermal-structural analysis, seepage-structural analysis, Python Scripting…and so on.

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