Ingeciber developed CivilFEM 20 years ago due to the passion of its civil engineer founder partners in CAE tools and FEM applications and to the broad knowledge of its senior engineer ability which led to the development of CivilFEM for addressing complex FEA in the Civil Engineering field with just one software.

CivilFEM is an advanced civil engineering software application providing unique solutions for multidiscipline structural analysis with specific features for:

  • Bridges – concrete, steel, composite, etc ).
  • Pre-stressed concrete.
  • Off-shore and maritime structures.
  • Suspension and stayed bridges.
  • Seismic calculations.
  • Geotechnical, Foundations and Tunnels.
  • Dams (concrete, loose materials).
  • Nuclear Power Plants.

Ingeciber Civil Engineering Department after so many years using CivilFEM in a variety of engineering fields has the experience to accomplish most civil engineering problems using CivilFEM in a cost-time effective basis. Therefore, some customers who do not use CivilFEM frequently or efficiently prefer to subcontract Ingeciber the whole engineering consultancy project saving their own resources – expertise, time and hardware – for other projects with more expected returns for them.

Company NUMIKON is authorized distributor for Ingeciber CivilFEM powered by Marc for following countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. Company NUMIKON is also a partner of Ingeciber for their engineering services.

For other countires please contact Ingeciber company directly.

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