In order to operate safely it is essential that pipework systems are assessed for process and environment effects. At NUMIKON we understand the issues associated not only with new plants but the particular problems associated with extending the life of existing plants. We can help on assessing problems ranging from corroded pipework, through to vibration assessment of existing systems at increased production rates.

New projects
Early on in a project we develop a critical line list from the process information that outlines the systems we will consider in detail. For load sensitive long lead items we will liaise with the designers to ensure an optimum layout from the start, prior to the receipt of equipment drawings.

We understand the importance of keeping process plants in production. We have the capability to investigate failures of piping systems and rapidly develop solutions to put the facilities back into production.

We provide a comprehensive range of pipe stress analysis services:

  • Critical line selection
  • Static and dynamic analysis of pipework systems
  • Flow-induced and acoustic vibration assessment
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Vortex shedding analysis
  • Riser analysis
  • Buried pipework analysis
  • Low temperature brittle fracture assessment
  • Pipe support surveying of onshore and offshore plants