Nadolazeći Hexagon webinari

Pridružite se webinarima i direktno od stručnjaka saznajte s kojim se izazovima susreću inženjeri te kako Vam Hexagon rješenja mogu pomoći da radite znatno učinkovitije.

23.09.2020.15:30h – Analysis Fundamentals I – CAESAR II

“Pipe stress analysis is usually on the critical path of an engineering project; thus it requires the design and stress engineering departments to work efficiently together. With teams now working disparately due to the COVID-19 situation, effective communication and handover of design and analysis information between discipline departments is more important than ever. Fortunately, CAESAR II, the industry standard for pipe stress analysis meets this challenge through its ability to share information bi-directionally with design. In this session learn more about how the solution can help you improve your project productivity, increase accuracy of the analysis results, and how it supports effective collaboration, regardless of where you are working currently.”

07.10.2020., 15:30h – Analysis Fundamentals II – PV Elite

“With significant global upheaval in recent months, now, more than ever, engineers need cost-effective tools to efficiently design and analyse pressure vessels to multiple international codes. Join our second session to learn all about PV Elite, our complete solution for vessel and heat exchanger design, analysis and evaluation.

During this webinar, we’ll show you how quick and simple it is to achieve compliant vessel designs when using PV Elite. Combining short videos and live demos, this webinar will help you to discover how PV Elite’s intuitive interface enables you to make both minor and significant changes to multiple elements with ease. We’ll also look at the automation options in PV Elite, how you can share information across elements, and how the solution assists you with live calculations.”

11.11.2020., 15:30h – Analysis Fundamentals III – Visual Vessel Design (VVD)

“Engineers require cost-effective tools that enable them to quickly and accurately design and analyse pressure equipment to various international codes and standards. Hexagon’s Visual Vessel Design (VVD) solution provides a comprehensive solution for all types of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, enabling high quality analysis models for pressure equipment found in many industries to be created quickly and easily.

During this webinar, we will show you how to use some of the less well-known tools and features available on our solution.”

24.11.2020., 15:30h – Analysis Fundamentals IV – GT STRUDL

“Today’s structural engineers are tasked with ensuring their companies are diversifying to meet today’s challenges and changing markets. A structural engineer can work on projects as simple as a steel t-support for a process pipe to something more complex such as an exposed architectural steel arched structure. It doesn’t matter if you’re designing a bridge, a tensile fabric structure, a pipe rack or an offshore structure, GT STRUDL can help engineers accomplish analysis and design in an efficient, accurate, and timely manner.

Join our last session to discover how to benefit from the accurate and complete engineering data needed for cost-effective and efficient structural engineering and design projects.”