In January 2010 COADE was acquired by the Intergraph Corporation. This acquisition adds to the Intergraph portfolio the COADE analysis tools; CAESAR II®, PV Elite®, and TANK™; plus the CADWorx® Plant Design Suite, aimed at the mid-market plant design sector.
For over 25 years Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions has provided software for multiple plant design and engineering disciplines. Our aim is that design and engineering should share relevant information seamlessly, thereby maintaining accuracy and improving efficiency.
Our offerings conform to that goal and includes: Hexagon CADWorx® Plant Design Suite for intelligent plant design modeling, process schematics and automatic production of plant design deliverables; Hexagon CAESAR II®, the world’s most widely used pipe stress analysis software; Hexagon PV Elite® for pressure vessel and heat exchanger design and analysis; and Hexagon TANK™ for the design and analysis of oil storage tanks.

Our products are used around the world by nearly every major Owner Operator and global EPC firm. Likewise thousands of mid to small size companies are benefiting from the powerful, yet scalable, solutions that we develop. If you have work to do, correctly, on time, and under budget, you too should be looking at our offerings.

Support is our top priority, and support issues are handled by our knowledgeable support staff, meaning that you receive quality help without intermediate personnel to confuse the issue. Product information can be found throughout this web site.


fluidflowA truly original software program for the design and optimization of pipe networks, transporting compressible, incompressible, gas-liquid two phase, settling slurries or non-Newtonian fluids, with heat transfer calculations included as standard.

FluidFlow3 is one complete product. The activation process turns on the software modules, calculation capability and network license manager from the full product. The versatility of the software means you can be working on a sprinkler system, or a mineral process plant with slurry flows, or a vapour collection system all from within the same environment.

For more detailed information visit FluidFlow3 official webpage.