We offer a service for measurement and control hardness and identification of the material on specific components and parts where it is unknown with portable device for measuring the hardness MIC 20 TFT.

We have trained staff to perform the measurement and control of hardness.

Measurement and control of hardness with device MIC 20 TFT we apply to improve the security and check the material, or weld, especially in the critical zones of heat influence. It is used in a variety of piping, pressure vessels, different containers and in numerous other applications such as sheet, plate, forgings and castings.

Control of hardness is desirable in the old processing plants or in other production activity where you need to perform control of the hardness of the material and thus to find out whether they meet the standards and norms.

MIC 20 TFT is a universal two-in-one tester that combines the method of ultrasonic contact impedance UCI [Ultrasonic Contact Impedance] and Rebound method standardized by ASTM A956, A1038 and DIN 50156, 50159.

Our capabilities for measurement and control hardness are broad spectrum and can be used in all branches of industry (processing, pharmaceutical, food, aerospace, etc.) and some of application are:

– measurement and control the hardness of the machine parts

– contntrol the hardness of the weld

– control the hardness of welded components in the critical zones of heat influence

– control the hardness of heat treated surfaces 

– control the hardness of the coating

– control the hardness of forgings and castings 

– identification of the material of the individual components