At NUMIKON, we extend fatigue analysis services to determine causes of the failure and to address design and structural issues. It thus ensures optimal material selection and reduces repairing and re-designing costs. Fatigue analysis is important to prevent failure of a component under repeatedly applied loads. With years of experience and insight of fracture mechanism and crack infiltration & growth, allows us to carry out FEA analysis in best possible manner.

We provide following:

–    Fracture Analysis
–    Metal Fatigue Analysis
–    Durability Analysis
–    Vibration Fatigue Analysis
–    Weld Fatigue Analysis
–    Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
–    Spectral Fatigue Analysis
–    Shaft Fatigue Analysis
–    Composite Fatigue Analysis
–    High Cycle Fatigue Analysis
–    ASME Fatigue Analysis
–    Failure Prediction Analysis
–    Remaining Life Analysis (RLA)
–    Cycle to Crack Formation Analysis
–    Threshold Stress Intensity Analysis
–    Life Extension Analysis
–    Axial and Rotating Bending Analysis
–    S-N Curves Analysis
–    Structural Fatigue Analysis