What is laser surveying?

Laser surveying of piping is the process of making intelligent 3D computer model of the existing piping and the whole plant using appropriate equipment and computer applications.

Why do we need laser surveying?

Documentation development of piping where it does not exist.

Creating “as-built” documentation.

Making “as-built” 3D model – comparison with project model and for detecting deviations from planned project.

Why do you need documentation?

For the legalization of existing pipelines.

It is needed everywhere where:

– documentation does not exist,

– state of piping is not performed in accordance with the existing documents,

– it is not known whether the state of piping is covered with existing documentation.

What do we use for laser surveying of piping?

Equipment: Leica TPS Total Station

Software: CADWorx Plant Professional + CADWorx fiedPipe 

Data Collection for CADWorx fieldPipe comes in two basic formats:

Laser Scanner        Leica Total Station

The advantages of our method

Time savings due to:

Design model in the field

Leaving the field with finished 3D intelligent model

Generating bill of material and isometrics in the field

Accuracy and productivity:

Prevent expensive mistakes

No drafting or misinterpretations

No subsequent field trips

The completed model can be checked that it is the same as original model, without leaving the field

Low production costs

The basic procedure of  production AS-Build documentation

– Preparatory work by the owner of the plant / piping

– Preparatory work on our side – before arriving on the field

– Preparatory work on our side – after arriving on the field

– Surveying and creating 3D model – on the field

– Recording geometry pipeline

– Measuring the thickness of the pipeline

– Processing and verification of the model – after returning from the place of surveying

– Creating documents based on 3D models – after returning from the place of surveying

– Pipe stress analysis of critical pipes

– Proving that the pipeline meets all requirements of the appropriate standard

– Identification of critical places, the places with the highest stresses, for eventual control of welded joints

– Delivery of documentation and analysis results


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In cooperation with TUV-Croatia d.o.o. and KONZALT ING d.o.o.