Optimization of hydrogenerator poles fixation

Optimization of hydrogenerator poles fixation

Optimization of the vital parts of hydrogenerator takes increasing importance nowadays. Among the other one of the most important is the pole of the rotor. Sizing of its fixation, whether is made in form of “dove-tail”, “hammer”, or their combination, significantly affects the producing costs, the material price and the overall price of the product. The main goal of this work consists of presenting correct and quality modes dimensioning of the pole fixation and getting to know all involved with the same. Also to point out very important deficiencies that now exists in both design and tender/contractual documentation. All deficiencies are derived from the results of classical methods of stress calculation which has the widest use, thereof in the work is shown comparative analysis of stresses and a way of getting more accurate results and modern methods of calculation (theory of elasticity, photoelasticiometry, the finite element method – FEM) in order to overcome these shortcomings .


Zdravko Ivancic

Darko Seremet
KONCAR – Electrical Engineering Institute

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