Criteria for quick assessment of pipeline system vibrations danger

Criteria for quick assessment of pipeline system vibrations danger

Vibrations of pipeline systems are a common topic in engineering practice and can present great risks for the safety of the system operation. Unfortunately, in practice there are no well-developed criteria for the assessment of vibration risk, whether it is in the design phase, or the operation of the pipeline system. Vibration of the pipelines can be from barely noticeable to those which can cause breaks in them construction in a very short time period.

It is therefore important to give an overview of the most common causes of pipeline vibrations which need to be considered when designing and analysing pipeline systems in operation. Also, an overview of criteria for quick danger assessment of fatigue of material at vibrations of low and high frequencies is necessary.

The simplest check should also be presented. It is the so called modal analysis which helps define natural frequencies and modes of vibrations of the pipeline system in the design phase, which can reduce or even avoid possible problems in the functioning of the pipeline system which is being designed.


Nikola Jacimovic
Danieli Engineering Systems

Zdravko Ivancic

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